• Friday, 30th November 2001 - Nova Gorica, Mestna galerija/City galery - opening (free entrance) at 8 PM
    SILENCE (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Saturday, 1st December 2001 - Nova Gorica, Cream (free entrance) at 10 PM
    Privee: House DJ opening party
    DJ Matis, DJ Filip, DJ Fedja (London, U.K.)
  • Friday, 7th. December 2001 Nova Gorica, Cream (entrance 800 SIT / 4EU / 4$) at 10 PM
    Hip Hop, Rap & beat Pixxel att@k night
    T.B.F. (Split, Croatia)
    King & AP (N.Gorica, Slovenia)
    Shocca e Mista (Treviso, Italy)
    Privee: hip-hop & beat with DJ Deso (Udine, Italy), DJ Fuda (Udina, Italy)
additional exhibition
  • David Vartabedijan (Beograd, Yugoslavia): Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes
    Exhibition of computer images inspired on music of Marilyn Manson 30.11.01 - 07.12.01 Rotunda PDG, Nova Gorica - opening together with the festival's opening

SILENCE (Ljubljana, Slovenia) (
Silence (a duet composed of Hladnik and Benko) was founded in 1994. In 1997 the band released their first record "Ma Non troppo" for the German record company "Chrom Records". The record was declared the album of the month by the German magazine New Life, which is an undisputed authoririty on electronic music. With the well-known German photographer Fred Stichnoth as a director, on the coasts of Kenya the band filmed a video for the song "Samuel's Gabriel", which premiered on the Viva 2 channel. This was followed by the band's German tour. In 1998 Silence signed a contract with the German company Brainstorm, whose proteges include Liquido, Tool... In 1999 they released their second, highly experimental album "Unlike A Virgin". The record was well received both abroad and at home. The Stuttgart magazine "Orkus" declared it the record of the year and the album received excellent reviews by numerous other publications (Zillo, Wrath, Ragazzi, Hannoverische Allgemeine Zeitung etc.). When they appeared on Jure Longyka's "Izštekani" (Unplugged) show, the Štih Hall of Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana was sold out. In the begining of '00, their maxi-single "Son Of Sin" was released. A video recording for the song "Scream, Greeneyes", filmed during a television show, was declared the best video of the month in September '00 by the German website Silence are at the moment working on their third album.

DJ Matis, DJ Filip, DJ Fedja (London, UK)
DJ Matis in DJ Filip are local DJ's that regularly play music in Cream disco in Nova Gorica. They will be joined by DJ Fedja (IntoSomething/In-Deep/Dance&Disorder), a Slovenian resident in London, where he organizes parties among other things. He regularly plays at Dogstar (Dance & Disorder monthly), Nothing Hill Arts Club (Soleal, 5th Element), and occasionally exhibits with a bass guitar/percussion set named "Haris & Fedja live", recently in Brighton Concorde club, known for Big Beat Boutique (Fat Boy Slim, X-Press 2). In February they are headed for Sao Paolo, Brazil. In Slovenia he plays mostly at Kope club (Sunrise Party), while internationally he counts visits to Croatia and Norway, with future plans for Scandinavia etc. Experts describe his music as "deep tech house music" with a lot of experiment and feeling. Releases: EP "Work in progress laus no.7", Haris&Fedja More about DJ Fedja and his projects at,

T.B.F. (Split, Croatia)
(Auto) Biography by Tutnplok
"T.B.F. was founded in 1990 in Split, Croatia. Without any experience in making music, especially hip-hop, we started a process of learning the art of MC-ing from the pioneers of american hip-hop. The lyrics spoke mainly about the social problems in Croatia, which existed then, and are still existing. In 1992 we recorded three songs as a demo in home-production and placed them on the local radio stations. Positive reactions from the audience and a good placing on the local charts gave us the opportunity to perform before the croatian funk star Dino Dvornik, where we met Dragan Lukić, surely the best producer in Croatia, who later becomes a member of the band.
In the years between 1993 and 1997, we were experimenting with music mixing hip-hop with hard guitar sound on the stage, and exploring huge possibilities of sampling tecniques in studio.
In November '97, we released our first album, entitled "Ping-pong - art of the pure style" for Croatia's biggest record company - Croatia records. In a short time period, the album made great success and reached a sort of cult status. We received excellent reviews from the critics in newspapers, TV and radio stations.
Since our record company somehow completely forgot about our existence, the only way we could promote our album were good live performances across the whole country, winning the sympathies and the trust of the audience.
Three years after, we changed the record company and released our "long-expected" second album, named "Let's adjust the thermometers", which confirmed our status of a good and interesting band with original lyrical and musical expression.
Since the release, the album received excellent reviews, and most of croatian critics have agreed in awarding us with the title "Album of the year". Let's hail "Kwisatz Haderach" and raise our cups to glory of the ultimate triumph of Ping-Pong culture!"

(Too much tongue-in-cheek? Well, you have to believe that all this and more is just plain truth. Just check it out...)

KING & AP (N.Gorica, Slovenia)
Infamous rap duo from Nova Gorica took part in Radyoyo's "5 Minutes Of Fame" compilation and performed on Breakbeatnikk festival in Ljubljana. King successfully collaborated with Mef & NOB project, and AP leads his "Fresh Radio" show on Radio Robin and arranges hip-hop parties. The two have been spreading rimed words on their indigenous way, unscrupulous and enough convincing to earn the fame of undisputed talents, yet to be revealed on the record. They are coming on the stage accompanied by DJ Deso, and there are rumors about special surprise.

Shocca e Mista (Treviso, ITA)
Mista (MC) and DJ Shocca have been collaborating since 1996, and in 2000 published their self-released album "Colpi in aria", distributed by Vibra Records. They have played on stages all over Italy and make the presence in Slovenia on Fresh Hip Hop Party this April. More info on album at

DJ Deso (Udine, Italy), DJ Fuda (Udina, Italy)
DJ Deso started to deal with music at the age of 14, inspired by seeing Sanguemisto at his first hip hop concert. Since then he performed at various places across north eastern Italy, and last year joined the group 21 Click from Gorizia, preparing to release their debut CD. Recently he plays in a club in Aviano, frequented by Nato soldiers, and collaborates with DJ Giuone in "Vai Compá" radio show. His first mutual release with DJ Fuda is a mix-tape titled "Undergoundheadz". DJ Fuda has been a graffiti writer since 1994, leaning to play hip hop music in the last two years.