We're on our way to put together the second edition of Pixxelpoint - International Computer Art Festival, the festival that gathers artists, students and enthusiasts of computer art. Pixxelpoint is based on showing illustrations, fine and pop art made with computers. It will take place in Nova Gorica, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 7 2001. Pixxelpoint is a two way communication exhibition: it gives artists from all around the world the opportunity to show their work and lets people see what's happening in the world of computer art. Images are put from screen onto the walls of the gallery, and animations are shown via video projector...we even have a music section.

The first edition of Pixxelpoint was a big success, especially considering that we had very low budget. For our success we surely have to thank the media who believed in our project and were willing to help us promote it.

A view on the gallery from Pixxelpoint 2000

what's new in Pixxelpoint 2001?

  • 2D and 3D static images categories splited into themes
  • new category "interactive art"
  • new category "music"

where is it?

Pixxelpoint 2001 will take place in the City Gallery of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, the small country surrounded by Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. Nova Gorica is right next to the border with Italy, and is joined to the Italian part of the city - Gorizia.

Map of Slovenia


The festival is organized by
Blaz Erzetic Graphic Design,
Mestna galerija / Kulturni dom Nova Gorica
Rock Vibe Music Promotion.