Awards assigned by the jury

    The jury were Bojan Dobrecevic, Jurij Krpan and Marko Peljhan.

    1. Krzysztof Rybczynski (Poland) - Angel 2000
    Among all received graphics it outstands somehow by some lucky coincidences from the biggest themes of cyber world. Non-whole body with wires got out, evokes an incoming era of cyborgs and clones, which were not long ago still SF themes in literature and cinematography. Sulfuric atmosphere alludes to future ambient conditions and warns about ecological extensions, which were actual also today. The image, coupled with another author's work is maybe too monumental, but the jury thinks that centers all actual events in forming of culture of the future.

    2. Stephen Tierney (UK) - Terraced Housing
    The graphic belongs to the genre of architectural simulations, which works on fact that with help of the computer there is possibility of creating quite different objects as in era without it. Beside spatial (3D) impression of terraced architecture, evokes also digital space where can live digital forms of life...maybe avatars.

    3. Walter Frisch (Austria) - Subculture
    Fragment of an underground, which is known from nowadays, where we can easily imagine tomorrow's one, where will our everyday banalities remain the same. With feeling of rendered synthetic space are pissoirs written in registers of future and present world, which seem even more possible because of precision of shown situation and great feeling for details.

    1. Yushiyuki Abe (Japan) - A12256
    Image is made with a Linux based program specifically written for generation of this graphic. Despite stereotyped theme of color fading, the graphic is well made in composition and color, with its colored space it alludes to its digital body.

    2. Vlatko Kiefer (Croatia) - Aurora Accident
    This is a SF stories based illustration. Among all author's works, this one is the image that uses less useless details that needless fill the story. It is substantially consistent, it has a simple composition, balanced colors and details which in other images works as kitsch, but in this one they underline certain SF probability.

    3. Riccardo Rizzo (Italy) - Bimbo
    The story background derives from discussions about the generating of life in virtual space. Transparent humanoidial silhouette, equipped only with essential vital organs, symbolizes the body made of virtual space materials. This data body evokes data universe, which already consists of first forms of artificial life. Composite typography through simulated mouth, which is not really Japanese or English, functions as an experiment of communication without using manual interfaces (keyboard, mouse).

    First place wasn't given, because the jury thought than no one of arrived images doesn't reach criteria, which were used in judging works in other categories.
    2. Aldo Spizzichino (Italy) - Moonlight
    Despite the fact that we missed invention of the motive, was fractal shape of sunset very convincing in its disciplined assisted endless line.

    3. Roman Peklaj (Slovenia) - Oligumica
    Perfectly made drawing with suggestive humor was poor of uninvention and something already seen.

    1. Walter Frisch (Austria) - Tommy's Sticky Fingers
    2. Ellen McAuslan (Danmark) - Rubber Plant
    3. Jose Zanni (Argentina) - Siglo XX - Teatro de titeres

    Awards assigned by the public

    1. Vincent Claes (Belgium) - Explorer
    2. Ciurinskas Mindaugas (Lithuania) - Harm
    3. Jan Ternald (Sweden) - Hello Everybody

    1. Liu Wei (China) - Confines
    2. Matjaz Hmeljak (Italy) - Objem mehko
    3. Alessandro Bavari (Italy) - Ophelia

    1. Aldo Spizzichino (Italy) - Moonlight
    2. Brut (Slovenia) - Constants
    3. Aldo Spizzichino (Italy) - Fossil Shells

    1. Urban Velkavrh (Slovenia) - Zajtrk
    2. Jose Zanni (Argentina) - Siglo XX - Teatro de titeres
    3. Walter Frisch (Austria) - Tommy's Sticky Fingers

    If you want to see the whole listing, please click here (Word document).

    Auction Results

    All the funds collected on the silent auction will are devoluted to people hurt by avalanche in Log pod Mangrtom. There were sold only one copy of exposed works.

    • Sitting Girl - Machado for 102.50US$
    • Under Construction - Suelberg for 80US$
    • Geometry - Barrie for 80US$
    • Tsathoggua Sunrise - Graham for 75US$
    • Groucho - Kastelic for 75US$
    • Acquarius 2 - Redfern for 60US$
    • Mind Test - Ciurinskas for 60 US$