1 to 3 Dec, 10AM to 10PM, Nova Gorica City Gallery:
    continuous animation projection and image exhibition

    1. Dec, 7PM - Nova Gorica City Gallery:
    Opening and presentation of Pixxelpoint 2000

    1. Dec, 11PM - Marcus Club:
    Acquaintance Evening, DJ Alex

    2. Dec, afternoon - Nova Gorica City Gallery:
    Various conferences and presentations (program yet to come)

    2. Dec, 10PM - Cream Club:
    Eveing in collaboration with GDS (Goriska Dijaska Sekcija)
    Opening act: Trije puhalci (didgeridoo and drums performance)
    Wild party with Elvis Jackson - official promotion of new album "Go Home and Practice"

    Elvis Jackson Elvis Jackson Elvis Jackson

    Elvis Jackson were formed from various punk-rock groups in 1997 and they've released two albums: "Move Your Feet It's One o'Clock" (preparing reprint) and the new one "Go Home and Practice", where they show up like mature artists who can play not only good punk-rock, but also reggae and ska with some metal and plenty of fresh ideas with humor.
    In Cream there will be their wild party with guests and special scenography. Don't miss it!

    Video projection by Twilight Video Group

    Guests: King & Co. and special guest Klemen Klemen

    Privee: House Disco Groove Night
    DJ Aleksij (Slovenia) Vs. DJ Emy (Italy) + DJ Matis (Slovenia)

    3. Dec, 6PM - City Gallery:
    Official conclusion & results of Pixxelpoint contest

    3. Dec, 8PM 'till 0AM - Joy Pub (Grcna 1):
    Gothic, Darkwave and Industrial Night
    DJ Tor (Ljubljana)